Quick Sides…

Quick side dishes make for a super quick dinner (or a fast lunch)! 

Uncle Ben's Ready Rice

Although it’s a bit more expensive than buying a huge bag of plain rice ($2.39/packet from Albertsons), it’s so nice to have a few packets of these on hand for those times when you need a quick side dish and don’t have 20-30 minutes to cook a pan of rice.   

I’ve found that each 8 oz packet is more than enough for two very hearty servings, up to 4 servings if you are using as a side dish.  There are a variety of flavors, and they all cook up in the microwave in 90 seconds!  I was skeptical at first, but each type I’ve tried so far is delicious and moist.  Did I mention this will also save you from scrubbing a rice pan?



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