How to Butterfly Chicken Breasts

Butterflying and flattening chicken breasts is a great way to speed up your cooking time; it’s super quick and easy, and only takes about 2 minutes, if that! 

  1. Cut breasts in half, leaving just enough to keep the halves connected…like they do with the bread for your Subway sandwich! 
  2. Place chicken on a cutting board and cover (with paper towel, waxed paper, plastic wrap) to keep it from splattering; pound chicken evenly flat , using a mallet or the heal of your hand (I prefer using my hands).

Warning!  If anyone else is in the house with you, they may wonder what on earth you are doing making such a racket.  Be certain to reassure them you have not had a mental break, and are simply flattening chicken ;-)


If you need additional help, here is a great tutorial:





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