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Welcome to Supper Quick!

October 6, 2009

Welcome to my blog! 

You can probably gather from the title what this is all about…supper, quick!  For every mom who (at 5:00pm) has ever sighed and said to herself, “What on earth am I going to fix for dinner?”, this blog is dedicated to you. 

Growing up I watched my mom, a master at creating her own recipes, transform leftovers and a fridge full of random ingredients into a dinner masterpiece!  She could take one look at a recipe for inspiration and create something delicious with what we had on hand…an invaluble skill when trying to feed a family of six on a tight budget. 

As a wife and mom now responsible for answering that ever present question from my own family, “Hey, what’s for tonight?!” I’m always on the lookout for quick, easy, and budget friendly meals to whip up in a jiffy.  While I do love cooking, I love spending time with my family too…and that means afternoons out at the park, bike rides, errands, kids activities, etc.  With all that moms have going on we don’t have time to spend an hour in the kitchen prepping a meal each evening. 

My goal for Supper Quick is to provide inspiration and easy, flexible recipes…some of them are my own, many are variations of excellent recipes I’ve come across and snipped out for my own recipe box.  And many are likely whatever comes to mind for our dinner tonight!  Just because it’s 5:00pm and you forgot to thaw the chicken doesn’t mean it has to be a take-out night!

Please join me, and let your creative cooking juices start to flow!  Welcome to Supper Quick!